Three years ago, Freewrite Fridays began at Silvermont Mansion in Brevard. I explained our origins in a recent article for The Transylvania Times in honor of our 100th class meeting:

“A few years ago, I went for a walk through the snow left by a late winter storm. In the quiet, I began thinking about how to create a supportive writing community in Transylvania County that would be focused on the practice of writing, the daily habit of putting words to paper even when the house needed a vacuum or the car needed an oil change. The snow around me, while lovely, had shut down the town and had reminded me that writers often feel isolated by the very nature of our work. I went home and made a few phone calls, then created a poster for Freewrite Fridays with the phrase “because sometimes a little community helps” highlighted across the top. The gracious staff at Silvermont gave us a home and on that first day, three people attended.”

We now have a waiting list for the Friday class, but do have a few openings for the coffee hour that runs from 10:45-11:45 on Fridays. The cost is $40 for a seven-week session. If you’d like to join us, call (828) 412-1556 to register.