As she introduced The Story of the Philadelphia Eleven during the teleconference with the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER), feminist theologian Mary E. Hunt said of the book, “It is both a needed history and a brilliantly told tale. It is so well written that even if one had no idea of the worldwide and historical impact of what these ordinations meant, one will want to read the well-told story. . . . This is what in the publishing world is called a big book. This is a book that every library should have because it tells the story and it tells it so very, very well.” Hear my talk at WATER.


Maureen Fielder of NPR’s Interfaith Voices interviewed Emily Hewitt (one of the Philadelphia Eleven) and I about the 40th Anniversary of the ordinations for the story “The First Female Priests in the Episcopal Church: Forty Years Later.”


Betsy Shirley of Sojourners wrote “I Never Felt More Danger Than When I Kneeled to Be Ordained” about the anniversary of the ordinations of The Washington Four, held at the amazing St. Stephen’s and the Incarnation in Washington, D.C. Betsy gave me a chance to tell why I believe the ordinations in Washington were necessary to keep the movement alive. You have to love any article that ties in Stephen Colbert to the Washington Four!

The Chicago Tribune

The city of Chicago played an important role regarding the church’s response to the ordinations. See Kay Manning’s “Episcopal Women Recall 1974 Priesthood Struggle.”